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Love designed to last: Alum couples share the secret sauce to relationship bliss

Alumni Wakako Takagi (BS 06) and Fridolin “Frido” Beisert (MS 08) say "If you can make it through Art Center together as a couple you are pretty much bonded for the rest of your life." Photo by Max Wanger.

Alumni Wakako Takagi (BS 06) and Fridolin “Frido” Beisert (MS 08) say “If you can make it through Art Center together as a couple you are pretty much bonded for the rest of your life.” Photo by Max Wanger.

Art Center’s reputation as a creative proving ground doesn’t exactly evoke images of artistic ardor, sunset strolls or even longing looks among the library stacks. But, as the saying goes: love is stronger than hate, war…or, in this case, work-weary creative determination. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that Art Center’s bridge has also served a figurative function, fostering deep and durable connections among more than a few alumni who have tied the knot. 

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a closer look at the elements unique to couples who survived three years of Art Center’s intense maker bootcamp of high-standards and brutal crits and successfully applied the iterative process to love.

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Illustrating an argument for a Disneyland Down Under


The mighty Kauri tree

The mighty kauri tree

If you’ve always thought Imagineers—the creative elite who design immersive entertainment experiences for Disney theme parks and resorts—needed engineering or movie industry backgrounds, think again. In 2013, the annual ImagiNations Design Competition, established in 1992, was swept by a team of four Art Center Illustration majors: upper-term students Jennifer Cho and Sunmin Inn, and recent graduates Angela Li ILLU 12 and Sophie McNally ILLU 12. All on the Entertainment Arts track and already good friends, they collaborated on the project that won First Place and Best in Show in this prestigious competition designed to promote diversity and inspire curiosity about cities around the world.

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Art Center students win top honors in Disney competition

Art Center College of Design's winning team of the 2013 ImagiNations Competition with their project “Disney’s Ukaipo Resort at Auckland, New Zealand.” Pictured (L-R) are Sophie McNally, Angela Li, Jennifer Cho and Sunmin Inn. © Disney. Photographer : Gary Krueger

Art Center students Jennifer Cho, Sunmin Inn, Angela Li and Sophie McNally were awarded first place and best in show in the Walt Disney Imagineering ImagiNations Design Competition.

Their project, “Disney’s Ukaipo Resort at Auckland, New Zealand ” is an iconic resort modeled after a Kauri, one of New Zealand’s most ancient and magnificent trees, enabling guests to experience Auckland from high up in trees, enjoying breathtaking views of the land while relaxing in this all-inclusive vacation experience.

Art Center student Jane Liu joined with Carnegie Mellon University students on the second place project, “Legenda Emas at Jakarta, Indonesia,” this interactive boat ride, based on an Indonesian legend, follows a betrothed prince and princess, and a jealous witch who wishes to keep them apart.

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