Diane Wei
Product Design

This project makes me understand how design can change people’s life. And more important, it reminds me of my social responsibility as a designer.

Stephanie Stalker
Environmental Design

Designers are problem solvers. Involving creative minds in any social entrepreneurial project opens up the opportunity to solve issues and improve quality of life, but also to inspire and give hope.

Jackie Black
Product Design

This is a serious challenge to create real social change. Social entrepreneurship is not about charity, it is about reaching out to others, addressing real problems in their lives and empowering them to bring about the change they desire.

Stella Hernandez
Environmental Design

Be aware of what is happening around you not only locally but also around the world, will give you a different perspective of your own life. It will open your eyes to see possibilities to impact other people lives using your own potential. There are ideas and actions that seem small but that actually grow to make a difference in somebody’s life.

Will Tang
Product Design

Water has been the focal point of the project, but the foundation of the project extends beyond just water issues and is really about helping people live more healthily with greater dignity and hope. To me, this is what design is all about in the end, not about objects, not about products, but it’s about people.

Narbeh Dereghishian
Product Design

Prior to starting this project I attempted showering by parts, and ever since I have been testing our shower prototypes, and I can truly see the difference we are making. This project is about helping individuals achieve their goals, by not having to worry about the small things that we take for granted.

Elizabeth Bayne
Grad Film

This project, for me is about making a contribution to what will soon be a global water crisis. It’s a large issue in terms of scarcity, health and sanitation.

KC Cho
Product Design

No statistic or data replaces direct contact and feedback from the families. Once we were able to connect with the families, they gave us everything we needed to start the project.

Nubia Mercado
Transportation Design

Safe Agua Chile is a way for us as designers to implement our design training to the other 90% of the world that typically goes disregarded. Safe Water Chile has opened my eyes to see a much broader need for design in the world.

Erica Li
Environmental Design

This is more than just a school project, it is about helping people live a better life, and educating people about water and health issues.

Jessica Yeh
Environmental Design

This project is very important to me because my main passion is to help people and make an impact in people’s lives through design. Being in Chile and working so closely with the families, it really touched my heart.

Ramon Coronado
Graphic Design

The two weeks in Chile impacted me the most. It was a life changing experience working with the families, with “Techo”, and just being in the “campamentos.”