Agua Segura
Elizabeth Bayne (GRAD FILM), Erica Li (ENV)

A family-sized kit for water chlorination and filtration, to ensure safe, easy, pure water for drinking and cooking.

Gota a Gota
Stella Hernandez-Salazar (ENV), Nubia Mercado Ramirez (TRANS), Diane Jie Wei (PROD)

A system that harnesses gravity to afford families the ease, convenience, and dignity of turning on a tap to get running water.

Ducha Halo
Narbeh Dereghishian (PROD), Jessica Yeh (ENV)

Brings the dignity and wellbeing of a hot shower to people living with no running water and inconsistent electricity.

Lavandería Comunitaria
Stephanie Stalker (ENV)

A community laundry facility that aims to save time and effort, reduce task-related injuries, build social relationships and create income opportunities for women.

Jacqueline Black (PROD), Kyung Cho (PROD)

An inexpensive and efficient kitchen workstation for washing dishes indoors and facilitating the re-use of water.

Índex de Innovación
Ramon Coronado (GPX), William Tang (PROD)

A strategy for sharing and inspiring social innovation by people in the campamentos, via a monthly publication, competition, and online information hub.