Bling Bling your Blog

We all experience this walking down the cereal aisle and getting overwhelmed with all the selections on the shelf. Well…the same goes with WordPress themes, they are so many variations, i.e. blue color only, two columns, four columns with feature image, etc. that it’s hard to decide which theme to install/not install for

Initially, we went with common themes that are easy to use and still look nice. To change your blog’s theme, go to Appearance – Theme and browse through the ones available.

If you don’t like any themes, you can visit and select on you may want to use. Unfortunately installing themes is not a plug-n-play activity, sometimes a theme is incompatible with a widget or plugin-in and will cause the blog not to display correctly. This means Application Services has to test out the theme before it can be used on your blog. If you would like a particular theme please email advising us which theme you would like to install for your blog.

Happy Blogging!

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