Plugins and Widgets

What is a plugins?

A plugin extends the core functionality of WordPress and can be used to track statistics, generate random quotes, and more.

Activating a Plugin
  1. Click the Plugins link on the left.
  2. Click the Activate link for the plugin you want to activate and click on Apply.
What is a widget?

Widgets are used to add certain features to your blog. You must be using a theme that supports widgets.

Setting up a Widget
  1. Click the Appearance link.
  2. Click on Widgets link.
  3. Drag the widget to the sidebar area on right. Multiple sidebars may be listed depending on your blog’s theme.
  4. Click on Save.

The next step it so setup the widget, enter the information requested by the widget in the widget settings.

Only those plugins, widgets, and themes currently available on this wordpress site can be used. Plugins and widgets cannot be uploaded or installed on a per-user basis. If you feel that a plugin, widget, or theme would be beneficial to the majority of WordPress users, you can suggest that it be installed .

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