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Art Center Graduates Earning Up to $25,000 More

Coroflot.com Survey Respondents Show Art Center Grads Making More Compared to Other Art Schools

Coroflot.com infographic of median graduate earnings

Coroflot.com’s recent 2013 Creative Employment Snapshot survey shows that of the 10 most represented U.S. colleges and universities that survey respondents attended, graduates from Art Center College of Design earn salaries that range on average from $66,000 to $124,000, or $25,000 more on average than graduates from competing colleges and universities. This goes for both recent grads and industry veterans.

Art Center graduate earnings were compared against similar schools, including Rhode Island School of Design, Rochester Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, College for Creative Studies, Academy of Art University, School of Visual Arts, Parsons New School, University of Cincinnati and Savannah College of Art and Design.

In addition to earnings, the survey included infographics that show which U.S. cities have the highest concentration of working creative professionals, the job titles with the highest salary ranges and freelance rates, company benefits, how graduates are landing their jobs, and how advanced degrees pay off. Since 2001, Coroflot has collected and reported salary information from thousands of design and creative professionals worldwide.

Launched in 1997 by the team behind Core77, Coroflot is a career and community site made for creative professionals by creative professionals. Coroflot.com connects fellow designers with career opportunities by creating better professional experiences, in areas like industrial design, 3D modeling, architecture, fashion, illustration, graphic design, user experience and more.

Learn more about the survey results at Coroflot.com.