Playing to Pump Water

I researched this product last year and found it to be pretty interesting, and maybe we can borrow some ideas for our projects.

Play Pump

This is a cool device that uses the energy of kids to pump, and store water. You can learn more about it at the PlayPump website.

Quick Explanation- By spinning the merry-go-round kids draw water up from deep underground into a storage tank above ground. Then with a simple tap water can be access easily.

The idea reminds me of some of the inventions the families implemented to create running water, by elevating buckets overhead and using gravity to pull the water down. I think its an interesting idea to make a difficult task -pumping water- into something fun, so it doesn’t seem like work.

On the “Business Side”, I think we can also learn a bit from the way PlayPump went from concept to implementation- and how they paired their product with businesses and sponsors. The PlayPump has added benefits to the communities that receive the pump (advertising space on the tank, etc..) It seems like they have a multi-tiered system of implementation, perhaps we can use the same type organization.


Play Pump2

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