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A Gamer’s Childhood Dream Come True

Our dream vehicle has finally arrived! Student Garnet Hertz has taken a classic OutRun arcade cabinet and made it a real, live vehicle … that goes as fast as 20 mph. Hertz is working on an iPhone 3GS app that uses the phone’s camera and GPS to detect your position and shape of the road, and translate that information into a digital OutRun track. 

Don’t miss the video behind the jump.

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Meet Magdalena Paluch

GradID student Magdalena Paluch says that one of the most challenging aspects of Art Center can be prioritizing.

“Sometimes I feel like a little girl in a candy store, there are so many classes I want to take, so many instructors I want to work with, so many projects I want to do—and not nearly enough time to do it all,” says Paluch.

Read more about her outlook on Art Center, her favorite projects, and what it was like moving to Southern California from Poland in this great interview.

Edge. Edgier. Edgiest.

We’re excited to welcome Jan Chipchase to campus for what will certainly be a fascinating lecture on Monday, Nov. 16 at 1 pm at Hillside Campus’ Ahmanson Auditorium.

Chipchase is a global traveler and corporate anthropologist working for Nokia as principal engineer of the Nokia Research Center in Tokyo. Drawing on issues related to the design research he conducts—in part on behalf of his employer—he writes about the collision of people, society and technology for his website, Future Perfect.

Chipchase will discuss the risks and rewards of conducting field research in less predictable environments, drawing on research from Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Uganda. The lecture is presented by Designmatters, Art Center’s social impact educational department.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information and to RSVP, contact Designmatters at

The First Drop to a Life-Changing Story: Safe Agua Chile

The editors of the AshokaTech blog, a great reference on innovation and social enterprise, are running a series of articles detailing a current Art Center studio collaboration with the NGO Un Techo Para Chile. For the studio, facilitated by the College’s social impact educational department Designmatters, students are challenged to develop ways to help slum-dwellers store, transport, use and conserve water. Their challenge is to create low cost solutions that can really be used in the real world.

Such an exciting project. Be sure to follow along with us at AshokaTech!

Schwab Poster Earns Accolades

You might have already noticed the striking image used for the Campaign for Art Center, created by acclaimed graphic designer and alumnus Michael Schwab. We’re happy to report that the poster has won a second gold award in the international design publication Graphis, and will be featured in the Graphis Poster Annual 2010. Earlier this year, it was added to the permanent collection of San Francisco’s Legion of Honor fine arts museum. Schwab’s donation of time, vision and talent underscores the lasting impact that an Art Center education has had on his life and creative career. Congratulations, Michael!

Read more about the poster and the genesis of the Art Center pencil in this intersting article at @Issue.

Alumni Featured in PDC Show

More Diana Thater news: She has curated a very cool show with several Art Center alumni at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood as part of their Design Loves Art program. The program features a series of rotating contemporary art exhibitions and talks with artists, galleries, curators and architects in ongoing project rooms as well as exhibitions, multimedia events and film/video screenings.

Comprised of three exhibits, Thater’s show opens this Friday, Nov. 6. Be sure to stop by!

Just What Is this Design Thinking Stuff?

The idea of design thinking is one that has been up for a ton of discussion recently. But what exactly is it?

“Design thinking, as a concept, has been slowly evolving and coalescing over the past decade. One popular definition is that design thinking means thinking as a designer would, which is about as circular as a definition can be,” writes Roger Martin.

Read an excerpt from his book, The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage—and the colorful commentary that follows—at Design Observer.

Meet Mariana Prieto

For Mariana Prieto, the path to Art Center was a journey on many levels.

Moving to the U.S. from Spain to attend the College, Prieto says that “becoming a better designer meant leaving a school where I was comfortable and reapplying to a place that had already rejected me—but it was all for an enormous reward.”

Read more from this Product Design student in this great interview.