Great Teacher Award Recipients Announced

Earlier this year, the Art Center Student Government, together with Student Affairs and the Provost’s Office, together reinstated an annual Great Teacher Award.

The relaunched and revised awards will be presented annually at Summer Term graduation to one full-time, one part-time and one new faculty member, beginning at next week’s ceremony. The recipients are determined through a nomination process open to all enrolled students and a confidential selection committee of students.

The awards are sponsored by the Provost’s Office and Art Center Student Government, and coordinated by Student Affairs. We’re pleased to announce the Great Teacher Award recipients for 2011:

New Teacher:

Undergraduate Film Department

Part-Time Faculty:
Humanities and Design Sciences Department

Full-Time Faculty:
Graphic Design Department
Product Design Department
Humanities & Design Sciences Department

Student Government has requested that Heidrun Mumper-Drumm deliver the Summer 2011 Graduating Class Commencement Address on August 20. The ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. and will be immediately followed by Graduation Show.

Congratulations Affonso, Errol and Heidrun!

Art Center is also taking nominations for the 2011 Art Center Alumni Awards, presented annually at Fall Term Graduation. The Alumni Awards provide Art Center an opportunity to publicly recognize the talent, service and design influence of our alumni.

Nomination categories are: Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Service and Young Alumni Innovator. Please send all nominations to the Alumni Relations office, by Oct. 15.

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2 thoughts on “Great Teacher Award Recipients Announced

  1. Linda

    YAY HEIDRUN!!! I dont’ know the other recipients but I do know the tenacity, determination, talent, energy, class, strength and intelligence of this beautiful woman! She so deserves this award. Many congratulations to her!

  2. Jim Caccavo

    I believe this is Errol Gerson’s second award, and one that is much deserved. He is an Art Center Classic who has somehow survived the petty politics that come and go. Through his business classes, he both teaches and demonstrates character and integrity.

    Congratulations, Errol! You do make a difference.

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