Mystery Photo: Can You Help?

Guest post by Art Center Archivist Robert Dirig

This photograph of Art Center Photography and Imaging students comes to us from the collection of Lorraine Streeter, who served as director of the department from 1956 to 1993. During her tenure, she collected images of students, photo shoots and student work. Streeter passed away in 2004, and her wonderful collection of 81 photographs was generously donated to Art Center’s Archives in 2006.

We know that this mystery photo shows a group of Photography and Imaging students, but that is about all we know about this image. We don’t know the names of any of the students, the photographer or the year it was taken. Do you recognize anyone? If you know any information about this photo, please let us know!

In addition to archiving Art Center’s collections, the Archives also accepts donations of papers, photos, video, publications, and objects related to the College. Do you have any Art Center materials that you would like to donate to us? If so, please contact Archivist Robert Dirig at 626.396.2208 or

To visit the Archives or to donate materials, contact Art Center Archivist Robert Dirig at 626.396.2208 or

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3 thoughts on “Mystery Photo: Can You Help?

  1. Bill Ferris

    Yes, graduating photo of Class of Winter 1984 Photo Program!

    Lorraine Streeter was the Photo Dept secretary from 1956 to 1993. A wonderful, curmudgeonly woman, with a heart of gold. She served the entire time under the Chair – Charlie Potts.

  2. fifi tong

    Hello Robert,

    you may have received many replies about this photo already.
    most of the students graduated in 1984, including me, the only oriental in the picture.
    I know most of the names, so if you have still someone that you don’t have, let me know.
    I’m a photgrapher based in São Paulo, Brazil
    you can look in my blog to know me better.
    Fifi Tong

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