Media Design Student Reaches Into Another Dimension

by November 29th, 2011

Media Design Program student Jayne Vidheecharoan working on her thesis project "Portals."

You’ve heard of Art Center students reaching across disciplines with their work. But how about reaching across space and time?

That’s what Media Design Program student Jayne Vidheecharoen has set out to do with Portals, her thesis project that combines chroma key compositing technology (aka “greenscreen”), Google Street Maps and a pair of “black magic boxes” to create a space where multiple users can interact with real and virtual objects across the Internet.

Vidheecharoen recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to “level up” her project, where she describes her inspiration for her project:

Lately, people have been getting pretty excited about the idea of interacting with computers by touching screens or gesturing in front of them. But I’ve been wondering, what if you could interact with them by getting under, inside, or behind the screen instead?

According to her project’s blog, Vidheecharoen is deep in the midst of writing the first draft of her thesis paper. We’ll give her some time to finish her paper, but you can be sure we’ll be reaching across space and time to follow up with her on this fascinating project.

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