Students get up close and personal with the “laser”

Nick Locaino led students on a tour of Art Center's lasers.

Did you notice the flyers in the Student Dining Room encouraging students to attend a “laser” demonstration in Room 229A? Our curiosities at the Dotted Line were piqued, so we attended yesterday to see what exactly was going down.

“Some people are disappointed it’s not a gun mounted on a tripod,” said Art Center’s Nick Loicano, a staff member in the Technical Skills Center, when introducing one of the College’s laser-cutting machines. Loicano led the group of 13 students through a two-hour tour of the machines, which included: a walkthrough on setting up a graphic for laser-cutting; laser-cutting a design onto a three-by-three-inch keychain; and, perhaps most importantly, an overview of Art Center’s policies regarding fair and safe usage of the machines.

For additional information on the Technical Skills Center, visit Art Center’s website or the Model
Shop and 3D Labs’ Facebook page.

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