Get Involved! Make Friends! Join a Club or Organization at Art Center

The life of an Art Center student can be stressful. Find a group of people who share your passion and understand your stress by joining a club or organization. The Center for the Student Experience sponsors and supports twenty-five different student clubs and organizations. Students had an opportunity to check out all the clubs and organizations at the Club & Organization Fair last Wednesday in the Cafeteria. It is not too late to join even if you missed the fair. Please visit the Center for the Student Experience to find out how to contact any of the clubs or organizations.

Students getting together on Cafe Lawn. Photo: Juan Posada/Art Center College of Design

Here brief descriptions of this term’s registered clubs and organizations:

  • Art Center Chinese Student Association the Chinese Student Association (CSA) exists to bring together the Chinese student community at Art Center. CSA holds a series of social and peer mentor related events throughout the term that enhance the student experience.

  • Art Center Christian Fellowship – The purpose of the Art Center Christian Fellowship is twofold: to provide a place on campus for the body of Christians and all interested people to grow in community, share their struggles, pray, worship and discuss biblical ideas; and to engage the greater Art Center community in dialogue about the convergence of art, design and spirituality.
  • Art Center IndieArt Center Indie’s aim is to explore the world of Indie film making (past, recent, and current) through regular screenings at various locations in homes or in theaters.
  • Assa Korean students at Art Center join together to build relationships, share information and explore their common culture. ASSA helps students strengthen their self-awareness and individuality, and also assists students in making connections.

  • Black Mass Black Mass meets to discuss current and past philosophical interests of the darker kind. They hold two masses per term with music and food. Additional meetings are to be determined based on class load an availability of members.

  • Choreo / O – A group for students of all dance levels to join together and dance the stress off. The goal of Choreo / O is to form a dance community within the school while providing exercise.

  • Chroma – Chroma promotes and celebrates the contributions of artists and designers of African and Latin descent.

  • Cinema Club – The Cinema Club’s mission is to bring together ACCD students who share a love of cinema to create new networks and make friends.

  • Coffee Connoisseurs –A community for enthusiasts of coffee and tea.

  • Concept Help – Concept Help is a studio environment for students to share ideas, give feedback and build relationships. Concept Help does not provide solutions but rather finds opportunities and directions that lead to a successful project.

  • Eco-Council – EcoCouncil’s mission is to develop and implement creative, ecologically responsible solutions for life at Art Center and promote sustainable design education and awareness.

  • Food — FOOD is dedicated to the pursuit of outstanding achievement in the field of excellence of food. FOOD is a group with a vested interest in food, the circumstances surrounding the eating of food, the topic of food, and the shared experience we have with food. FOOD is formed for the creation of food events, food happenings, food parties, and food situations.
  • Girls of I.D.A fun and supportive community for women majoring in transportation, product or entertainment design.
  • Impact: Design for Social ChangeA group committed to social impact through design. The club is currently working with the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena and their teen leadership program designing and teaching a series of workshops to communicate the idea that creativity is a tool that can be applied in any situation and in any profession.

  • Marmalade – MARMALADE’s mission is to spread happiness and fun to the Art Center Community through the musical talents of its students and teachers.

  • Out Network – A space for LGBTQA individuals to hang out, meet other, mentor other, and be mentored. The network also organizes student events for the entire student body to create awareness of the service and organization for all those who may be interested.

  • Run Club – A chance to go outside, enjoy nature, socialize, exercise and rejuvenate.

  • Senior Citizens – A networking and support resource for Art Center students 25 and older. Students of all age are welcome to join this group.

  • Stagger Elite The Stagger Elite is a gamers clan devoted to the exploration of new games and the studios which produce them. It hosts online games and tournaments weekly that are lead with a discussion of a new game development studio and its aesthetics.

  • Starving Students – Starving students explores different options to help save money and have fun while doing so.

  • Surf Club – All about finding waves.

  • The Art of Chia – Brings together the Asian student community at Art Center. The club sponsors a series of social and peer mentor related events each term.

  • Un Gout D’Orange – “The Taste of Orange” is a student club dedicated to the art of gourmet preparation and experimentation. It holds regular meetings on baking, cooking and public school events during the term.

  • Viewfinders – Viewfinders explores different locations for photography primarily within the Southern California region. Open to all majors and skill levels. Have fun and meeting other Art Center students while learning how to better use your digital camera.

  • YO (Japanese Student Organization) – A group for Japanese students and those who are interested in Japanese culture that gets together to socialize, network and support prospective students from Japan.

All clubs and organizations have student leaders and a faculty or staff advisor. Please come to the Center for the Student Experience (CSE) if you are interested in finding out more about a particular club or organization and you couldn’t make it to the Fair.

You can also start a club or organization yourself! Visit CSE to pick up a registration form. Registration begins at the end of every term and ends on Friday of week 1 at 4 pm.

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