Alums’ airport installation takes shape from flight

‘Tis the season for travel — and those who find themselves in Atlanta’s International Airport can find an artsy take on flight.

AirFIELD — designed by alums Dan Goods and Jamie Barlow, and graphic design chair Nik Hafermaas — mimics the flight paths of one of the world’s busiest hubs.

The liquid-crystal sculpture suspended from the ceiling is synced to real-time flight data and quietly ripples with each passing plane — up to 2,500 a day.

The installation’s 1,500 discs are connected to 81 circuit boards and a server, and switch from opaque to transparent with an electric charge. Planes traveling short distances create small movements while longer flights cause greater activity in the sculpture.

The installation, located in the international concourse, takes its swooping shape from flights departing and arriving into Atlanta’s airport.

AirFIELD was produced by Hafermaas’ design firm Uebersee, an artist’s platform specializing in the convergence of digital media with spatial experiences.

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