Art Center to offer free digital media workshops

This term, Art Center will again offer a series of free, noncredit digital media workshops dedicated to editing, designing and coding. The six-hour courses, taught by Art Center instructors, are open to degree-enrolled day students, and (space permitting) staff and faculty on a first-come, first-seated basis. No reservations required.

All classes take place at the Hillside Campus in room 144 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Here’s the lineup through Febuary:

Sunday, Jan. 27: Photoshop with Guido Manoucherhi

Understanding resolution and correct image size changes

Layers palette and composition

Color correction and adjustment layers

Exporting to various formats

Short cuts and hidden techniques

Saturday, Feb. 2: After Effects with Dario DiClaudio

Basics of time based media, interface overview

Keyframe basics: Properties, tools, adjusting speed and time

Animation menu: Exponential scale, velocity, interpolation

Nested comps and effects

Introduction to 3D space, camera basics

Sunday, February 3: Maya with Joey Jones. Meets in room 137.

Maya interface and fundamentals

Basic modeling tools for NURBS and polygons

Basic animation with keyframes and motion paths

Basic lighting and shading and rendering methods

Saturday, Feb. 9 Dreamweaver with John Chambers

Overview of Tools, Windows and Palettes

Page layout using HTML (Divs)

Pixel perfect design using CSS (cascading style sheets)

Special effects using Javascript

Sunday, February 10: Coding for Web, HTML CSS with John Chambers

Using Coda 2 (an HTML editor)

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery (Javascript)

Simple responsive web techniques

Saturday, Feb. 16: Premiere with Dario DiClaudio

Overview of interface, workspaces, hardware/software setup

Organization: File formats, desktop and browser, naming conventions

Editing: Overwrite, insert, replace, superimpose, fit to fill

Four-point editing

Transitions and effects

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