New to Art Center? This orientation week survival guide may come in handy.

This week Art Center welcomes new students for a week of orientation and acclimation to life in the arroyo. Before getting down to the nitty gritty, here’s a few fun facts you may not know about the College:

  • The Sculpture Garden once held world-class sculptures on loan from LACMA.
  • Mary Lambert’s recent Body Love video was filmed on the sound stage at Art Center by alum Jon Jon Augustavo.
  • Some say the best bathrooms (and showering facilities) on campus are in the basement of 950 South Raymond.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the deer wandering around and through Hillside campus. They are often photographed, frequently filmed and much loved.
  • Bears also make an occasional appearance. These appearances are less Facebook-friendly.

The week’s activities are organized by the College’s Center for the Student Experience. During your time here, the CSE will be a resource to be tapped early and often. Really, they care. “New student orientation is the moment in which students’ first impressions and experiences are made,” says Interim Dean of Students, Kendra Stanifer. “During orientation, students begin to create connections to the College and to each other that will build the community they live in for the next 3 to 4 years and into their professional lives.”

We know that attending the first day/week/month of a new school is often fraught with anxiety about everything from campus navigation to class choice to determining which table of  creatively coiffed kindred spirits in colorful kicks to join for lunch. Our goal is to help maximize your comfort-level here, both in and out of the classroom with this insider’s look at the following orientation activities, nearly all of which are designed to immerse you in Art Center’s culture.

Tuesday, May 6
Art Center President Lorne Buchman, Senior Vice President of Admissions and Enrollment Management Kit Baron and Interim Dean of Students Kendra Stanifer welcome new students, give an overview of orientation week and introduce the Center for the Student Experience (CSE). New students then break into smaller groups led by peer mentors for a tour of the campus and buffet lunch. The afternoon is reserved for writing and digital waiver testing for undergraduate students who want and/or need it.

Wednesday, May 7
The morning begins with a special orientation program for international students and a financial literacy seminar for domestic students receiving state and federal aid. The afternoon includes a round-up of sessions for all students to learn about health insurance, student support services, Art Center policies, study abroad and education partnership opportunities, library resources, campus sustainability and more.

The evening includes a networking event sponsored by Legacy Circle, an alumni group, and CSE.

Thursday, May 8
The morning kicks off with a session on technology at Art Center, including information about insuring your equipment and how to reserve Art Center-provided equipment. You’ll also learn about managing class schedules and academic progress requirements. Afterward, faculty and current students will provide hints on surviving and succeeding at Art Center and will also answer your questions during a panel conversation.

Thursday lunch includes music, new student t-shirts and swag!

In the afternoon, students once again break into groups to attend to housekeeping matters (student IDs, parking decals, course schedule login); library tour and orientation; and viewing portfolio work of current students with peer mentors.

Friday, May 9
On Friday, parents, spouses, partners and other family members are welcomed with an informal breakfast hosted by CSE with a family orientation following. You will have lunch with your departments, followed by individual department orientations.

Then your Art Center experience begins when classes start Saturday, May 10th.

Welcome to Art Center College of Design. Go create and get inspired!

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