Art Center’s evolving social platforms: Come connect, create and engage with your community


As you may have noticed, there have been some changes on our social media sites. We’re working hard to streamline our various digital channels and we’re happy to announce that our major platforms, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Behance, Myspace) have now been unified under the same handle, artcenteredu.

Our goal is to expand our presence online and keep our networks consistent and connected. Not only is Art Center an educational institution, but the College is also a creative hub of artists and designers, each with a unique story to share.  Our new projects aim to do just that. Let’s share these stories!

With this idea in mind, our new initiative is to generate more original content centered on what makes Art Center thrive: our creative community. Our first project, which you may have seen on the digital signage across campus, is the 1 Week in the Life video challenge, which calls out to students to share five seconds of their lives for one week. By recording a few seconds each day, we hope to to share a window onto students’ lives and their creative process. These snippets will be posted on our social media page and shared with the rest of our community.

Jay, a “Human of Art Center” Film student, waiting for the shuttle.

Another recently launched project  is Humans of Art Center, our take on the popular photo-series, Humans of New York. This series will live primarily on our Instagram page and will focus on capturing candid moments around both Art Center campuses. Check out our first posts, featuring a couple of students from our Photo and Film departments. If you are interested in being featured or have someone in mind feel free to send us an email.

For Halloween, we will be launching a “Face Your Fears” video! Students or student-nominated faculty, will reveal one of their life-long fears and then be given a chance to directly confront the stated fear. Send us your nominations and be prepared to see some of these brave souls face off against their own demons, big or small.

Grad Show Preview summer 2014 -8052

Our team is also exploring the role of social platforms in fostering connections. On our LinkedIn page, we are partnering up with the Office of Careers + Professional Development and will be posting job and internship recommendations for our alum or students who are currently seeking a position.

As we continue to focus on the stories of the people at Art Center, we encourage our community to contact us with any ideas or simply a desire to be featured in our upcoming projects.  Additionally, Photo or Film students who would like to work with our team to help capture more content are welcomed!

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