South Campus population expands

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Welcome to the 2017 Fall Term! As you are settling in to your classes, you probably noticed that some things have changed around campus. Over the Summer Term, interdisciplinary departments Humanities and Sciences and Integrated Studies moved their base of operations to the third floor of the 1111 Building at South Campus. Despite the move, H&S and Integrated Studies classes continue to be held throughout the College, including classes at Hillside as well as South Campus.

Over the break, between Summer and Fall, the Graphic Design and Advertising departments moved into their newly renovated spaces on the fifth floor of the 1111 Building. Graphic Design, Interaction Design and Graduate Graphic Design Senior Coordinator Danielle Ferrer gushes, “I love the new floor it looks absolutely amazing. I saw what it looked like before and what it is now—talk about night and day. The lighting alone is amazing.”

Graduate Graphic Design’s space on the North end of the floor is beautifully outfitted with Herman Miller furniture and has a fantastic view of the San Gabriel mountains. Although a fair amount of Graphic Design classes are being held in the new classrooms, the department is still running some classes at Hillside at the 950 Building.

Advertising is housed on the South end of the floor and is currently holding all of its on-campus classes at 1111.

The fifth floor also boasts ample gallery spaces to show off student work.

The influx of Graphics and Advertising students, staff and faculty has had an impact on the infrastructure at 1111 and there have been a few growing pains. The popular Foodies Café prepared for increased demand by increasing their grab and go items but the line can get a little long at peak demand times. To help with demand for sustenance, the third floor vending machines have been replaced by a Micro Market that offers self-serve coffee drinks, assorted energy drinks, water and other beverages along with fresh salads and sandwiches, an assortment of frozen entrée offerings and snack and dessert items.

The elevators are a little more crowded and it may take a little more time to catch one at peak times. Please note, you can use the stairwells at the North and South of each floor to travel throughout the building (except the parking levels—you will need to use elevators to reach P1 and P2).

Parking has also been affected with increase demand for P1 parking slots. As a reminder, valet parking is available when needed at the 950, 888 and 870 lots—just across the train tracks. Staff are also reminded that they should be parking on P2 to allow students and faculty access to the spaces on P1.

Like other Campus buildings, 1111 is open from 7:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m. every day. The elevators to the second and fourth floors are restricted after 8:00 p.m. because no classes are scheduled on those floors. After hours access is available to students through their faculty or department staff. Any questions about access for 1111 or other buildings, please contact Director of Security Jim Finch.

There are more changes planned for the 1111 Building. The Mullin Gallery is slated to open at the end of the Summer/beginning of the Fall of 2018, in the lobby of 1111. The second and fourth floors will be built out after current tenants move out and Foodies Café will expand into a larger space to be better able to serve a larger hungry population.

All of these moves are part of the College’s Master Plan that envisions a robust presence at South Campus as well as needed renovations at our Hillside Campus.

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