Employees rewarded for years of dedication to ArtCenter at Service Awards luncheon

Photo: John Dlugolecki

Photo: John Dlugolecki

On a typically beautiful sunny summer day in Pasadena, a group of ArtCenter employees gathered in the Faculty Dining Room for a plated-service luncheon. A yearly tradition, the team from Human Resources hosted this invitation-only event that celebrates employees with at least 10 years’ employment at ArtCenter who achieved significant career milestones in 2017.

Welcoming the group, Rich Haluschak said it was important to take time out from our day-to-day routines and acknowledge the faculty and staff members who have demonstrated a dedication and commitment to the College by the longevity of their employment. Taking part in these luncheons every year, Rich observed that it was not unusual to have employees being recognized for 30, 35 and 40 years of service to the institution.

To put that in perspective, an employee celebrating their 40-year work anniversary in 2017 would have begun their ArtCenter career in 1977. The same year that Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as the 39th President of the United States, Elvis Presley died, football legend Pelé retired, NASA launched the Voyager 1, the Apple II was introduced and the Atari 2600 was released. The price for a gallon of gas at $0.62 was less than the price for a gallon of milk, which would cost you $1.68. And Wayne Hunt started teaching graphic design at ArtCenter, the same year he founded Hunt Design, just one year after the College moved from its downtown Los Angeles location to the Hillside Campus in Pasadena. It would be five years before the College offered its first course in computer graphics. Hunt continues to teach in the Graphic Design department and also works with the College on signage and wayfinding initiatives, including offering his expertise to our Master Plan.

Also in the over-thirty-years-at-ArtCenter club were faculty members Nils Lindstrom and Lita Albuquerque who joined staff Wendy Adest and Paula Goodman in celebrating 30 years at the College

The warmest reception of the afternoon, however, was received by Facilities Manager Ty Powe, who has been fixing things at ArtCenter for over 20 years. The room roared with appreciation and love when his name was announced. Powe’s can-do attitude and unflappable nature has calmed many anxious employees over the years.

Danielle Ferrer, receiving an award for her 15 years of service, gushed, “Ty Powe and the gentlemen that work under him are the reason I am able to be to do my job well for so many years. He and they are just as much a part of this College as the students.”

A hearty congratulations to all who received awards. Each and every person who works here is part of the reason why ArtCenter is able to provide an exceptional education to exceptional students and these individuals have been doing it for a long time. If you happen to run into any of the following people as you go about your day on campus, please take a minute to thank them for the years, time and energy they have devoted to the College:

2017 Service Award Recipients

40 years Wayne Hunt 10 years Sean Adams
  Leigh Marguerite Berner
30 years Wendy Adest   Grant Delgatty
  Lita Albuquerque   Tim Durfee
  Paula Goodman   Douglas J. Eboch
  J. Nils Lindstrom   Ellen Fujimoto
John Gibson
25 years Bruce Edward Claypool   Alfredo Guzman
  Dan Hoy   Andrew Harlow
  Robert Pastrana   Gerardo Herrera
  Anne Anderson Saitzyk   Felipe Hirujo
Michael Humphries
20 years Rey Bustos   Leslie D. Johnson
  Bruce Hainley   Dennis Lee
  Ty Powe   Richard H. Leong
  Mel Sant   Dennis McCarthy
  Mark Takeuchi   Barbara Nickle
Natalija Nogulich
15 years Christina Aumann   Denise “Cookie” Nolan
  Kristine Bowne   Lee Rosenbaum
  Cody Clark   Erik Mark Sandberg
  Victor Emerson   Amy E. Swain
  Danielle M. Ferrer   Kelly Vargas
  Wanelle Fitch   Annette Weisser
  Oliver T. Galace   Claude Willey
  Frank Garcia   Michael Wolf
  Chantal M. Hoareau   Brice Wong
  Robert Joseph Hunt   Mitch Wyzgowski
  Mx. Kornblau   Eric Zammitt
  Stuart Macey  
  Daniel Marlos  
  Eric Moreo  
  Jon Nguyen  
  Robert K. Robinson  
  David Sotelo    
  Cheryl Spreier    
  Jill A. Strawbridge.    
  Ming Tai    
  Barry Taylor    
  Rob Thompson    
  Rick Ueda    
  Geoffery Velazco    
  Lauren L. Volk    
  Wallace Zane    
  Theresa Zix  
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