Making lemonade—Summer term at ArtCenter

Photo:  Juan Posada

Photo: Juan Posada

You’ve heard the adage, “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The ArtCenter community is made up of lemonade makers, who have proven ready to take on new challenges and make the most of unexpected opportunities. With the global pandemic necessitating remote teaching and learning for the Summer term, the College stepped up to the challenge and is offering something truly unique, designed specifically designed to take advantage of teaching in these unusual times.

ArtCenter chairs and faculty have been hard at work getting ready for a Summer term unlike any other. In true ArtCenter fashion, they’ve responded to our new digital reality with exuberant creativity, boundless innovation and a challenge to students to join them in reinventing the classroom experience. They’ve retooled our traditional course offerings and humanities classes, and reimagined our , with an eye toward developing vital works of art and design, and engaging creative individuals from across the globe in response to the world’s most pressing needs.

One unexpected benefit of the current global crisis is that people working in the industry who used to be too busy or too far away are now available for guest lectures and workshops. This Summer our department chairs and faculty are going to demonstrate just how impressive and wide-reaching their networks are.

Chairs, faculty and educational leaders are eager to share elements of the College’s updated curriculum with you— you can find words of encouragement and insights into Summer courses and programming from academic leadership across all majors on our YouTube channel and our other social media platforms.

We have also found, during this period of online classes during the latter part of the Spring term, that online courses have some unique advantages (crits from the comfort of your chair!) and students have been happy to learn the ins and outs of presenting via video conference, a skill many will need when working.

Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the financial incentive—every student enrolled full time in the degree program during the Summer term will receive a $3,000 tuition grant. This grant supplements any other aid students receive. In addition, the $330 access fee wil be waived for the Summer term.

We’re looking forward to a Summer 2020 term that strengthens our community and leverages our creativity toward influencing positive change within the College, city and far beyond.

You can find information about courses and registration on Inside ArtCenter. Please direct specific questions about courses to your department leaders.

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