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Students and Student Life

Posted by Jered Gold on February 2, 2010

The comments section is open to everyone. The Students and Student Life group will post comments about upcoming meetings, events and activities.  You can also share your vision about Students and Student Life and the future of Art Center.

3 Responses to “Students and Student Life”

  1. Jeffrey Hoffman Says:

    Looking forward to working with the Students and Student Life visioning team. Students are at the very heart of our educational mission and the raison d’tre. Many, many issues to discuss as we consider needs of current and future students, trends impacting and defining new ways of learning, the multifaceted nature and complexity of the contemporary college student, how to increase student engagement in and out of the classroom, and the ‘right’ profile and ‘mix’ of our student body. Will be providing some interesting data to the team from Art Center’s 2008 and 2009 participation in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). For information on NSSE check out http://nsse.iub.edu/html/quick_facts.cfm

  2. Fridolin Beisert Says:

    On we are on! Meetings this week are on wednesday 12-2 (room 222) and thursday 9-11 (conference room B), hope to see you there,


  3. Jeffrey Hoffman Says:

    I will be bringing the results from Art Center’s participation in the 2009 Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey administered through UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute to tomorrow’s meeting. A brief description of CIRP survey is below:

    “Each year, approximately 700 two-year colleges, four-year colleges and universities administer the Freshman Survey to over 400,000 entering students during orientation or registration.
    The survey covers a wide range of student characteristics: parental income and education, ethnicity, and other demographic items; financial aid; secondary school achievement and activities; educational and career plans; and values, attitudes, beliefs, and self-concept. Published annually in “The American Freshman,” the results from these surveys continue to provide a comprehensive portrait of the changing character of entering students and American society at large.”