In Memoriam: Norman Schureman

by March 21st, 2010

Image of Norman Schureman

Norman Schureman

It is with deep sadness and grief that I write to inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague Norman Schureman.  A tragic accident took his life this past weekend, and we join his family and friends in mourning the loss of this celebrated and adored member of our community.

Norman was a beloved instructor, colleague, mentor and friend of hundreds of Art Center students, faculty, staff and alumni.  Norm’s relationship with Art Center began almost 40 years ago when his father, Bob Schureman, taught classes in the ID department and Norm would tag along as a young curious creative.  Years later, Norm launched his official design career after graduating from Art Center in Industrial Design.  He returned to the College to teach at Art Center Europe and then Pasadena.  Both Norm and Bob have inspired hundreds of design students over the years.

For over 20 years,  Norm devoted himself tirelessly to the College, instilling in his students a passion for design, a love for drawing and an eye for excellence. In his Viscom and Dynamic Sketching classes, as well as his Product Design classes, Norm brought criticality tempered with humor to his students and their work. Each term would generate new and constantly innovative ideas, images and prototypes. A place in the student gallery was always reserved for the great projects from Norm’s classes.

Our hearts go out to Norm’s entire family.  At the appropriate time we will discuss with them the option of a memorial service on campus to celebrate Norm’s life and his extraordinary contributions to Art Center.  We will keep you posted on time and date.  We will also offer grief counseling to those in need through Human Resources and the Center for Student Experience.  Details will follow on Monday.

We join as a community in grieving this painful and devastating loss.

Lorne M. Buchman, PhD
Art Center College of Design

***EDITED, 3/22 11:15 am***

The Office of Alumni Relations and the Office of Academic Affairs are hosting an impromptu memorial for Norm at 4 pm today in the Sinclaire Pavilion. Please join members of the Art Center community in remembering a remarkable teacher, colleague and friend. There will be sketchbooks at the event for you to record memories of Norm and condolences to his family.

Details about a formal memorial being planned in conjunction with the family will be forthcoming.

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14 Responses to “In Memoriam: Norman Schureman”

  1. Ray Schureman says:

    Norm was a creative whirlwind in all aspects of his life whether at work, home or at play. I don’t know any other that drank life more fully. My wish is that his creative and exploratory outlook on life be remembered by all that knew him and that we all slow down and take the time to smell the roses as he seemed so accustomed to do. I miss you so terribly already brother. Peace be with you.
    Ray f. Schureman

  2. Thomas says:

    R.I.P. Norm. You will be missed dearly by those who have had your classes and the next generation that will not have the benefit of your enthusiasm and wisdom.

  3. Chip Howes says:

    I am intensely distressed by this news. A great man has fallen, and it makes no sense.

  4. Mary Matyseck says:

    With great sorrow at the loss of a friend and colleague of many many years. To his father, Bob, my teacher, I cannot imagine the profound despair of loosing your child who was a man of such promise and richness and who gave so much to others. He will live on through all his students and be kept close in the hearts of those who knew him. What there is of peace, let its blessings help your family through this tragedy.

    Mary Matyseck

  5. Luc Limbourg says:

    R.I.P. Norm…. I’m sure heaven is in for a massive re-design!

  6. Parker Kuncl says:

    I never knew Norm or took his product Design 1 class which I tried to get into for a few semesters during grad school but I only heard great things from students and faculty. He’ll be surely missed by the budding design students and design community. My thoughts go out to his family and Art Center family.

  7. Center for the Student Experience says:

    Dear Community:

    As a follow up to President Lorne Buchman’s email last evening regarding the passing of Norm Schureman, therapist Samantha Bothast will be available in the Center for the Student Experience from 10:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. to provide grief counseling for any member of the community. Additional grief counseling will be available this week and will be announced later. Do not hesitate to stop by; no appointment is necessary.


    Center for the Student Experience

    Human Resources

  8. Tiger Hayden Bracy says:

    Gone too soon.

    Thank you Norm for all that you gave us. Your passion for life will be carried on through the many student designers that you inspired.

    I still have my tea pot and sketch books from your classes and I’ll continue to share stories about you.
    Especially the found memory of sitting in your back yard and watching one of the wild birds fly over and take bread right out of your hands!

    Let’s celebrate Norm’s life in the same fashion that he lived his. Norm’s in a better place and he will be missed by all that loved him……..

    Thanks Norm. We get it.


  9. Mark McCollough says:

    Thank you, Norman for the friendship and laughs. My family and I will miss you and will always love you and your family. see you soon my friend.

  10. Thomas Olson says:

    I am so sorry to hear this news. Norm’s classes in Vis Com near the end of my Illustration education profoundly shaped the course of my work after I graduated. Norm epitomized the Art Center ideal of being a very demanding instructor, but one who enthusiastically fanned the sparks he saw in his students, and lifted us up as much as he pushed us. My heart is torn for his family. Thank you for sharing your father and husband with all of us–he will never be forgotten, and he will always be loved.

    –Thom Olson, Illu ’00

  11. Blaise says:

    Art Center mourns today another fallen artisan gone too soon…though we may occasionally disagree with one another, as students, faculty and staff our passion to further good art and design is the common unbreakable thread that draws us together. You have left quite a legacy for the rest of us to live up to, Norm. To the Schureman family, know that we all cry with you.

  12. Tyler West says:

    The design community lost a dear friend. Norm Schureman was one of the most influential figures in my career. He not only inspired me to grow as an artist, but also to grow as a person. His dedication to Art Center was unmatched. He gave everything he had to his students and their growth. I will miss being around him and the immeasurable pride he had for all of his students. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family.

  13. Venus Y. Y. Chan says:

    Why? wished i could have taken his entertainment classes building all the beautiful costumes and props! Norm teaches us how to have fun in life. He took us out to the bars, the museums, the zoo, and all the coolest places to find inspirations. Norm is such a great treasure both to the college and to the design industry. He will be missed dearly…..