Made Up: Design’s Fictions at Wind Tunnel Gallery

On Saturday, Jan. 29, Art Center’s Graduate Media Design presented the opening reception for Made Up: Design’s Fictions, showcasing the work of major and emerging international practices that forecast, hypothesize, muse, skylark, role-play, put on airs, freak out or otherwise fake it to produce work that is relevant to our increasingly confusing and accelerated world.

Held in the South Campus wind tunnel gallery, MAKING UP featured a panel discussion with Fiona Raby and Bruce Sterling, two of the world’s most influential voices at the intersection of fiction and design. The panel, led by MDP core faculty Tim Durfee and moderated by MDP Chair Anne Burdick, discussed tactical anachronisms, designing for ambiguous reality, and the re-emergence of speculative practice in the 21st century. It will be moderated by MDP Chair Anne Burdick.

Enjoy the photos below from the event:

Also, check out the video below of the OutRun video game concept car created by Garnet Hertz.

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