Doyald Young, 1926-2011


It is with deep sadness that we report of the passing of Doyald Young, beloved teacher, lettering and logotype designer, friend and mentor. Young passed away yesterday due to complications following a recent heart operation. He graduated from Art Center with a degree in Advertising in 1955.

“Doyald was a gifted artist, an astonishingly powerful teacher and well-deserving of the many accolades he received during his illustrious career,” said Art Center President Lorne Buchman. “We honored Doyald at Art Center last December with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and we bestowed upon him an honorary doctorate of humane letters. The double entendre was not lost on the Art Center community.

“Indeed, Doyald, the great human being and the brilliant artist,  infused in every exquisite font and letterform he created his immense and passionate humanity. We deeply mourn the passing of our dear and wonderful friend.”

There is a memorial planned for April 10 — Young Love, a Day of Drawing Beautiful Curves in Memory of Doyald Young. Details forthcoming.

Meanwhile, check out this tribute blog created by Graphic Design student and ACSG President Erik Molano. It’s a treasure trove of personal accounts, anecdotes and links celebrating Young’s life and work:

Also, remember him with us by watching the video below, created by late last year:

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13 thoughts on “Doyald Young, 1926-2011

  1. Behnoush McKay

    Doyald was a compassionate and genteel individual and I will miss him dearly as a teacher, mentor, colleague and friend. May his journey in spiritual realm be peaceful and happy.

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  3. David Niles White is honored to present the entire Doyald Young documentary free to anyone who wishes to view it. Those of us from the documentary team who created this film are saddened by his passing but so pleased we were able to have spent time with him and share those moments with the world.

    Please watch and share this film.

    David Niles White
    Producer, Documentaries

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  6. Jeff Kahn

    I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing. I purchased many of his books, and they are a treasure – overflowing with typographic brilliance. I was very fortunate to have Doyald as my lettering teacher at Art Center in the summer of 1976, my first semester. He was a gifted teacher – patient, kind, disciplined and as we all know, a perfectionist. I’m pretty sure no one got an “A” in our class. I was very proud of my “B”. I earned it and worked very hard for it. I’ll never forget what he said to me in class, “I only know one way to draw letters well and that is slowly.”
    Doyald loved drawing letters and that is his legacy. He passed on his love of letters, and creating a font is what I did today to inject a little fun into my hectic week. I corresponded with him recently. I shared how appreciative I was of his contributions and that he was my typographic mentor. I will miss him.

  7. Perry Korse

    I am saddened. Don Young was a professional’s professional. He was measured. He was disciplined. He was also compassionate about teaching and won the respect of every student who had the pleasure of being in his class. I will not ever forget his love for the Caslon typeface. He said every Caslon character has a personality of its own, alive, full of dynamics. But what is etched in my mind is his warmth and coolness when the news was brought from a student arriving somewhat late for class that President Kennedy had been shot. That stance of balanced reaction carried me through and is with me today.

  8. Gary M. Corbett

    In 1965 Mr. Young was my lettering teacher at Art Center. He was one of the best! I took what he taught me and used it throughout my 30 years as a graphics/packaging desinger and as a lettering teacher myself at Art Center years later. He will be missed by the many who knew him.

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  10. Martha Brundage

    I first met Doyald Young while working for Mary Sheridan in 1959. He was always a Texas gentleman. He was also my lettering instructor at night. Many wonderful people worked there, and among them were other Art Center graduates, students and faculty, such as David Solon, Claire McMinamin, Doris Coleman, John Kiil, and Bill Franks. Midge Quenell and many others freelanced for her. Bill and Doyald went to Trade Tech together and remained good friends. Doyald was always kind, witty, and had a great story telling voice. Mary Sheridan provided a civil and professional environment, and I only have good memories of those years working for her and knowing her design team. Rest in peace, Doyald. You leave behind your magnificent work, and will continue to be an inspiration to others.

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