From a Block to a Tablet

Guest post by Art Center Archivist Robert Dirig

It’s so exciting to see the new iPad editorial class break ground in Art Center’s Graphic Design Department. Take a look back to see how far have we come in 25 years with us, won’t you?

Art Center offered computer graphics courses beginning in the early 1980s, and a department was established in 1990.

In this photograph from 1986, students are seen in a computer graphics class.

Do you recognize the instructor or any of the students in the photograph? What was it like studying computer graphics in the 1980s?

To visit the Archives, or if you recognize anyone in the photo, contact Art Center Archivist Robert Dirig at 626.396.2208 or

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3 thoughts on “From a Block to a Tablet

  1. Brian

    Brings back memories as the girl was my classmate and the guy next to her was the instructor (grad from MIT). In context of course, this room was close to state of the art and the 3D modeling work developed there was really engaging. I personally made use of the Aesthedes Work Station, a CAD based design computer in the nearby room. Because there was only 2 of these million dollar babies I tended to get my work time between 3-5am most weekdays. Below is a link to a photo of one…


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