New Standing Committee Created

Guest post by Art Center President Lorne Buchman

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Last fall, I launched an important conversation regarding diversity through a forum with Dr. Daryl Smith, a leading national scholar in higher education diversity theory and research. The intention was to bring College leadership together to explore the values of diversity and inclusion as central to academic excellence and institutional mission.

Synchronized to align with the development of our new strategic plan, the forum was an important beginning in developing a common understanding of institutional diversity and inclusion. In the final plan itself, these values have been anchored at the center of our educational mission—precisely where they belong. Create Change recognizes the critical responsibility of developing professionals, leaders, and citizens able to thrive in and contribute to a changing and pluralistic society.

To implement and monitor relevant aspects of the strategic plan, I am pleased to announce that I have established a new standing committee for the College—the Council on Diversity and Inclusion. Parallel to Art Center’s Budget Committee, and Facilities & Technology Committee, the council will be a standing shared governance committee of the College. The responsibility of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion is to realize the strategies outlined in our new plan through ongoing oversight in measuring progress toward achieving our objectives.

The Council on Diversity and Inclusion will set specific goals based on the strategic plan, establish metrics of measurement to monitor and report strategic progress with respect to diversity and inclusion, and may also make recommendations for the following educational and operational domains:

  • New Student Recruitment for Degree and Public Programs
  • Continuing Student Retention and Graduation Rates
  • Faculty and Staff Recruitment, Hiring and Retention
  • Board of Trustee Recruitment and Retention
  • Facilities and Technology
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Student Learning
  • Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations
  • Financial and Human Resources

I am pleased to announce that Dean of Students Jeffrey Hoffman  and Managing Director of Public Programs and Director of Art Center at Night Dana Walker have accepted my invitation to co-chair this shared governance committee of faculty, students, and staff. The council will be convening during the start of this summer term.

I remind the community that even as we launch this leadership group, developing a community that fully respects diversity and inclusion cannot be the sole responsibility of this body. We all play a critical role.

As we look forward to the important outcomes resulting from the leadership of the Council, I am confident that the impact of their work will further strengthen our community and the education of our students.


Lorne M. Buchman

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