How ’90s dreams gave way to interaction design

Today is the last day of the Interaction Design Conference (IxD13) in Toronto, the sixth annual conference organized by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), an international network dedicated to the professional practice of interaction design.

Earlier today, Jason Brush, executive vice president of creative at the Emmy and IDEA award-winning interactive marketing agency POSSIBLE, and the newest faculty member of Art Center’s recently created Interaction Design Department, gave a presentation at the conference titled The Dream of the 90s is Alive.

In the presentation, Brush reminded the audience that the early ’90s — “a time when Mark Zuckerberg was still in grade school, Steve Jobs had yet to return to Apple, and computers still had floppy drives” — was a time in which artists, filmmakers, authors and philosophers made the first technological forays into applications that drive global culture and communication today.

We spoke with Brush back in the present decade and he told us what he was most looking forward to at the conference was seeing his peers from around the world. “These are people who connect all year round online,” said Brush. “The IxDA conference is a rare opportunity to connect in person.”

The Interaction Design 2 instructor also cited the cross-disciplinary nature of the conference as a major draw, and said he enjoyed the atmosphere where academics, agencies, designers on internal teams and students all attend.

An atmosphere not unlike that at Art Center?

Brush cited both the strong vision for the Interaction Design Department put forward by Interaction Design Chair Maggie Hendrie and the opportunity to assist in the creation of a world-class program as some of the major factors that drew him to the College.

As for what he enjoys most about teaching at Art Center? “The students,” said Brush, “and the opportunity to help them realize the potential of their native talent.”


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