A Message From ArtCenter President Lorne Buchman

Photo: Juan Posada

Photo: Juan Posada

Dear ArtCenter Community,

The events of the last few weeks and devastation to the lives of so many in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida, Texas and throughout the Caribbean – shake us to the core. And then last night we learn of the horrifying mass shooting in Las Vegas and horror builds on horror. But let us not mistake the suffering born of natural disasters that come of earthquakes and hurricanes with the carnage that emerges from a human act of violence. We certainly need to ask whether the tragedy of last night could have been prevented, a question that haunts me.

Beyond wrestling with that fundamental dilemma, I want to call on us all to recommit to the work we do as educators, designers and artists in a way that is compassionately directed to those in need and to a world that calls out for both the fight and the solutions that only the creative spirit can imagine. Practically, we can give charitably, according to our means, to help those in need and/or donate blood if we are well and able. And let us be unswerving in our support of our students and their commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Please know that counseling is available through the Center for the Student Experience or Human Resources for anyone who might need help processing this latest tragedy.

In all our heartbreak, let’s find the voice to influence change. We have a calling of enormous significance.

Lorne M. Buchman

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