Memories, appreciation and conviviality served up at Service Awards luncheon


The 2018 Service Awards luncheon—a celebration of employees with at least 10 years’ employment at ArtCenter who achieved significant career milestones in 2018—was held a week ago in the Faculty Dining Room.

Celebrants and their supervisors were treated to a plated-service lunch, which provided a welcome respite from the usual fast pace of an ArtCenter workday.

President Lorne Buchman provided a warm welcome, once again admiring the number of people in the room who have been devoting their time, expertise and dedication to the College for anywhere from 10 to 40 years. He singled out those celebrating 40 years of service, including Environmental Design Chair David Mocarski, Williamson Gallery Vice President and Director Stephen Nowlin, and gave special recognition to faculty member Jay Chapman, for deciding on his own to make himself available to ArtCenter students needing help. Chapman has occupied a table in the Student Dining Room at Hillside or (more recently) Foodies at South Campus for years, offering insight, guidance and time management tips to students on a drop-in basis.


A number of awardees contributed photos and memories of their time at ArtCenter to a slide show that played during lunch. Here are some highlights:

Stephen Nowlin, staff, 40 years:
ArtCenter has allowed me the autonomy to serve the College by shaping my own creative vision. To an artist, a curator, a writer, autonomy is gold—and I’ve been lucky and privileged. Thank you for 40 years of gold, ArtCenter.

Tony Luna, faculty, 35 years:
I have to teach. Teaching is at the very core of my existence. The world is changing at a dizzying pace and I need to hear what the younger generations have to say.

Bob Kato, faculty, 30 years:
My most memorable teaching moment was the day all my students turned up on time.


A hearty congratulations to all who received awards. Each and every person who works here is part of the reason why ArtCenter is able to provide an exceptional education for our talented and hard-working students and these individuals have been doing it for a long time. If you happen to run into any of the following people as you go about your day on campus, please take a minute to thank them for the years, time and energy they have devoted to the College.


 2018 Service Award Recipients

40 years Jay Chapman 15 years … John Krsteski
David Mocarski Jonas Kulikauskas
Stephen Nowlin Paul Le Tourneur
Ronald Llanos
35 years Stan Kong Susan Luftschein
Luis “Tony” Luna Christopher Meeks
Graham Moore
30 years Katherine Bennett Cliff Nielsen
Monte Bramer Joseph Reiter
Marc Gaede Elena Salij
Marnie Gaede Randall Smock
Richard Haluschak Koji Takei
James Heimann Mark Todd
Robert Kato Esther Pearl Watson
Patricia Podesta  
Mary Yanish 10 years Thomas Allen
Affonso Beato
25 years Rosetta Brooks Elise Co
Gloria Kondrup Michael Dooley
Catherine MacLean Regina Dowling-Jones
Kurt Matsuo John Downs
Dana Walker-Juick Maritza Herrera
Everard Williams Benjamin Hooker
  John Jasso
20 years Brian Boyl Chiaki Kanda
Ethan Johnson Joseph Kohnke
Alfredo Lopez Alice Konitz
Aaron Smith Fabian Lacey
Jan Tumlir Matt LaPoiint
Lisa Wagner Miguel Lee
  Aaron Lindquist
15 years Yelen Aye Anna Macaulay
Margo Bistis Austin McCormick
Sean Donahue Miao Miao
Jered Gold Eric Ng
Manuel Hernandez Javier Palomares
Rollin Homer Richard Pearce
Michael Horowitz Brian Rea
Chin-Lung Hu Ming Tshing
Joseph Jones Michael Winder
Seth Kaufman
Dennis Keeley
Tom Knechtel
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