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How ’90s dreams gave way to interaction design

Today is the last day of the Interaction Design Conference (IxD13) in Toronto, the sixth annual conference organized by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), an international network dedicated to the professional practice of interaction design.

Earlier today, Jason Brush, executive vice president of creative at the Emmy and IDEA award-winning interactive marketing agency POSSIBLE, and the newest faculty member of Art Center’s recently created Interaction Design Department, gave a presentation at the conference titled The Dream of the 90s is Alive.

In the presentation, Brush reminded the audience that the early ’90s — “a time when Mark Zuckerberg was still in grade school, Steve Jobs had yet to return to Apple, and computers still had floppy drives” — was a time in which artists, filmmakers, authors and philosophers made the first technological forays into applications that drive global culture and communication today.

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Vote for Art Center finalists in the IxDA People’s Choice Awards

Three Art Center student projects are finalists for Interaction Design Association’s (IxDA) Interaction Awards People’s Choice Award. Support our students, vote now! Every member of IxDA’s online community gets three votes for their favorite project. You must register on the Interaction Awards site specifically to vote. Voting closes February 3rd at 12 pm GMT.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the Interaction Awards Celebration on Friday, February 3rd, at Interaction12 in Dublin.

Sound Noodles, by Jessie Kawata, are mobile electronic music instruments that enable kids to explore the relationship between sound and movement through their own physical activity and the collaborative efforts of music creation.

Sound Noodles by Jessie Kawata

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Hotdog, by Scott Schenone, is a dog harness design that keeps track of a dog’s body temperature and relays the information back to the owner.

Hotdog by Scott Schenone

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Steps, by Kevin Kwok, Nancy Chui, Rachel Thai, Winnie Yuen and Wayne Tang, are interactive tools and encouragement for 21st century teacher to use 21st century social interaction. The Steps project is also a finalist for the 2012 Interaction Award in the field of Connecting (facilitating communication between people and communities).

Steps by Kevin Kwok, Nancy Chui, Rachel Thai, Winnie Yuen and Wayne Tang

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Art Center will be offering a new degree program towards a B.S. in Interaction Design beginning in Fall 2012. Interaction Design students at Art Center will learn to think deeply about the user’s experience, apply technology creatively and invent new approaches to interaction and design, whether designing a mobile app or a gestural interface for an exhibition, a new consumer electronics product or a rich informational website. For more information, see http://www.artcenter.edu/ixd