Art Center’s first Myspace occupation concludes. Prepare for phase 2!

We came. We saw. We influenced change as we learned to create.

Beginning last October, we enlisted four Art Center students to lead the charge in a week-long homepage takeover of the recently relaunched Myspace. The first-wave social network had reinvented itself as a community and breeding ground for artists and creative types of all stripes to exchange work, feedback and inspiration in the digital sphere. In other words, Myspace had become a sandbox custom-built for Art Center students and alums. And, as is our way, we came ready to play.

Over the course of the Fall 2013 term, we followed four students — Charlene Chen (Graphic Design), Addie Liang (Film), Terry Carr (Product Design) and Carolina Rodriguez (Illustration) — as they tackled individual creative projects. Each of the students tracked their progress in three installments of self-produced written, video and photographic content on our Myspace profile. Chen (see above video) joined forces with her fellow participants in the Bikini Berlin Testlab project to create a campaign to promote an interactive experience for alternative tourists. Liang pushed the boundaries of her comfort zone in learning how to optimize her process directing actors. Carr leveraged his extensive anthropological research of underserved urban communities to create a strategy to offer residents of “food deserts” access to healthy foods. And Rodriguez translated her work with Bornean orangutans into a brochure informing the public of the ways in which our use of palm oil endangers the primates’ rainforest habitat.

Now the final posts are in. And the results of their creative efforts provide a panoramic snap-shot of the innovation, invention, dedication, social consciousness and, yes, sweat equity invested so much of the work produced at Art Center and beyond. Watch each student’s series of posts in sequence to get a sense of the evolution of the creative process. Or just check out the completed projects. Either way, we challenge you not to be awestruck by their accomplishments and perhaps even a little inspired to expose your creative toils to the wider world, in Myspace and beyond.

And for those of you in the latter category who happen to be current Art Center students, we’re now recruiting the next round of Myspace occupiers for the Spring term. Drop us a line in the comments section below if you’d like to be considered for one of the four slots.


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