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Product Design faculty member Krystina Castella on the serious business of designing for play

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIf there is a fountain of youth, full-time faculty member Krystina Castella may have discovered it. Castella, whose youthful appearance and intense enthusiasm for everything she does belies her years of experience, has been teaching at ArtCenter 25 years, the last 12 of them full time.

A Product Design faculty member, she also leads sponsored projects and Designmatters Transdisciplinary Studios (TDS). Additionally, she teaches business classes in the Humanities and Sciences department, materials classes in the Integrated Studies department, classes about the manufacturing and licensing process for ArtCenter at Night and a t-shirt start-up class for the ArtCenter for Teens program.

A graduate of RISD’s Industrial Design program, Castella also studied cognitive developmental psychology and cultural anthropology with a focus on children’s culture at UCLA. Which leads us to the one thread that has been constant in her lengthy professional career—her work’s focus is often centered on creating and designing for kids.

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As you know, there’s always something going on when it comes to Art Center alumni, students and faculty.

Some of the latest:

  • Advertising alum Lacey Waterman art directs a great TV spot for Discounthotels.com, shot at her former high school in Woodland Hills. YouTube
  • Architect Alla Kazovsky on teaching in Art Center’s Saturday High program. Huffington Post
  • Alum Everett Katigbak, a communication designer at Facebook, to speak at September’s Brand New Conference. Brand New
  • Hot Wheels creator, Mattel toy company co-founder and Art Center alum Elliot Handler died last week at 95. What’s your favorite Hot Wheels memory? MotorTrend
  • Art Center faculty member and author Krystina Castella on making ice pops at home. Columbia Tribune
  • Broadcast Cinema alum Steve Hwang’s documentary FOCUS—filmed and edited during his last term at Art Center, and screened here earlier this year—has been picked up by the G4 for distribution online. It’s the first installment of the network’s newly launched G4 Films series. View the entire feature online.

February Bulletin Is Here!

The February issue of Bulletin, Art Center’s monthly e-newsletter, has arrived!

This month’s issue features a q&a with faculty members (and spouses!) Krystina Castella and Brian Boyl, who talk about why they teach, how students have changed, and what it’s like working with one’s significant other.

You can read it here, and if you’re not receiving it, be sure to sign up for our mailing list.

Colleagues, Designers, Partners in Life: Brian Boyl and Krystina Castella

Photo by Alan Kupchick

Art Center faculty members Brian Boyl and Krystina Castella have both taken somewhat non-traditional routes in their careers. Boyl, director of interactive design in the Graphic Design Department, has a degree in physics, studied film and animation, has created computer software and produced video games. Castella created her own product development, manufacturing and licensing company; helps people start businesses and license products; and has written five popular cookbooks; the most recent, A World of Cake, named by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the best cookbooks of 2010. And this are just a few of the many noteworthy things these two have accomplished.

Also interesting—Boyl and Castella are spouses, meeting 20 years ago this month. Intrigued and curious about what motivates them to teach, how students have changed over the past two decades, and what it’s like to work with one’s significant other, we sat down with the couple for a chat.

Dotted Line: How did you two meet?
Brian Boyl: We met in 1991 at a Valentine’s Day party that a mutual friend of ours held for people who didn’t have dates. I was in film school then…

Krystina Castella: …and I was working a corporate job at Disney. We met at the party and got along really well. He called me the next day to ask me out, and I was eating a popsicle while we talked. I wrote about this in the introduction to my popsicle book, because I actually ended up saving the popsicle and freezing it.

Boyl: Yes, that popsicle went with us, every time we moved. It lasted for years. But sadly, it didn’t survive our last move.

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Dotted Line: Does it take a while for students to realize you’re married?
: Yes, it’s funny—it’s the same thing every term. Many people at Art Center don’t realize we’re married. People that we’ve known for a long time do, but students are always new and don’t know at first; it’s always a shock. They seem to figure it out around Weeks 5 and 6. A student will come in and say to me, “I saw you with my other teacher,” or, “You were in the parking lot with Brian…”

Boyl: Or, “How do you know each other?” and, “I saw you two leaving campus in the same car….”

Castella: We teach in different departments, but we do have students that cross over. It’s great, we really get to know the student when that happens. We ask each other, “So how are they doing in your class?”

Dotted Line: Why do you teach?
I love giving back to the younger generation. I also find teaching personally inspiring, because it’s always about the next thing. It’s always different, and always new—especially in the area where I teach, which is on the cutting edge of everything. And I find students tend to push me in my own creativity. And, you’re dealing with people, so it’s a lot of fun. I think I have the best job in the world.

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Faculty’s Cookbook Among Best of 2010

More about Art Center faculty member and cookbook writer extraordinaire Krystina Castella—her latest cookbook, A World of Cake, has just been named one of the Best Cookbooks of 2010 by Publisher’s Weekly, who dub it the “best international baking book.”

From the publication: “Pictures of marzipan-covered fruitcakes are gorgeous, and sidebars on such topics as street cakes make this an educational book in addition to a holiday workhorse.”

Congrats, Krystina!

Enjoy these photos taken at Castella’s book signing in the Library on Thursday:

Let’s All Eat Cake!

In addition to teaching at Art Center, product and environmental designer Krystina Castella has another rather interesting pursuit: writing cookbooks. Her latest, A World of Cake, has just been released to rave reviews.

Join Castella at a book signing this afternoon to celebrate this tasty new book inspired by the Art Center community. She’ll talk about her book as well as how you can get your own book published, too. Best of all, cake will be served!

Krystina Castella
Thursday, November 4, 1:30 p.m.
Art Center Hillside Campus

Be sure to check out Castella’s great website for the book and the video trailer from the new book below. Are we the only ones getting hungry?

In Case You Missed It

Bruce Heavin and Lynda Weinman

As you know, there’s always something going on when it comes to Art Center alumni, students and faculty. Some of the latest:

  • Did you know that Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin of Lynda.com met at Art Center?  Socaltech.com
  • Professor Krystina Castella’s yummy new cookbook focuses on cake. Winnipeg Free PressPasadena Star-News visits ENERGY in the Williamson Gallery. Pasadena Star-News
  • Student Tomoko Ogino’s concept for Peet’s Coffee. The Dieline
  • Interview with alum Anders Warming, director of exterior design at BMW.  BMW Blog
  • A review of alum Christopher Russell’s show at Luis de Jesus (runs through November 27). Culture Monster