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Art Center Honors the Memory of a Faculty Member with a Visit to his Children’s School

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

In 2010, beloved Art Center faculty member Norman Schureman was killed in a tragic act of gun violence. Now, three years later, his sons Milo, 15, and Kian, 12, are students at the Aveson Global Leadership Academy, a public charter school in Altadena. On May 31, a group of Designmatters’ faculty, students and alumni visited the school’s sixth and ninth grade classes to introduce Uncool: The Anti-gun Violence Project — a series of children’s books and the Where’s Daryl? middle school curriculum — dedicated to Norman’s memory.

Children’s book author-illustrator Kin Lok addresses sixth graders in Milo Schureman’s class at the Aveson Global Leadership Academy, with Illustration instructor and “Uncool” project faculty lead David Tillinghast (lower left). Photo by Christy Moision.

Designmatters Director Elisa Ruffino gave Kian’s sixth grade class an overview of the project and explained that artists and designers are creative problem solvers who play a vital and exciting role in social change. “With Designmatters, we like to say that innovation is not about seeing the world as it is, but as it could be,” she said, adding, “We’re thrilled to be carrying on this work in Norman’s honor, in his spirit.”

“Making a book is a lot of work,” Illustration instructor David Tillinghast told the students. He described the many steps it takes, from research, brainstorming and rapid protoyping, to creating the art work, refining the story and transferring the work onto a computer for layout, further refinement and ultimately printing.

Tillinghast then invited two of the Designmatters’ children’s book author-illustrators to speak. As their books were passed around the classroom, Kin Lok (Zoarmax 133’s Big Question) and Juan Marco (My Imagination Book) detailed their creative process and took questions from curious students.

Sixth grade teacher Tom Hyatt, a fan of the books and the project as a whole, noted that Lok’s story is great for teaching about perspective. “The artist is from Earth,” he said, “but he’s writing from the perspective of an alien.”

The College is donating two sets of the four-book series to Aveson, one for each of its campuses, along with the “Where’s Daryl” curriculum package.


Meet Product Design Graduate Jenn Kuca, Winner of the Summer 2012 Student Leadership Award

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Summer 2012 Student Leadership Award winner Jenn Kuca. Photo: Chuck Spangler

Each term, Art Center presents the Student Leadership Award to a deserving student from the College. The award is a distinguished honor granted to a graduating student who exemplifies leadership qualities and accomplishments that stand out above their peers.

“This person has been nothing short of outstanding,” said Dean of Students Jeffrey Hoffman when presenting the award to Product Design graduate Jenn Kuca at Saturday’s Summer 2012 Graduation. “From her very first term, she chose to be involved and to lead us all to a better place.”

During her first year at Art Center, Kuca became an officer of the student chapter of Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) (and later, its president), where she organized the first annual IDSA Clash, a mixer event that brought together design professionals and students from multiple Southern California colleges.

As president of EcoCouncil, she convinced the administration to formalize the College’s long-term commitment to an eco-friendly future by participating in the STARS/PALS sustainability programs. And as a student representative for the College’s Facility and Technology Committee, she helped strategize improvements to support Art Center’s long-term strategic plan and educational mission.

“And those are only the highlights,” said Hoffman, as he listed an impressive string of Kuca’s accomplishments as a student.

When Kuca took the stage, she shared with her peers some of the insight she gained about Art Center, design and life in general.

On the implicit challenge of Art Center:

“From my very first visit to Art Center, I’ve felt that the implicit challenge to do better and to rise above is what sets this school apart. When I became a student, I discovered the best part, which is that my fellow students had the same expectations of themselves and of me.”


Celebrating the Life of Norm Schureman

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Please join us this Monday as we celebrate the life of Product Design alumnus and faculty member Norm Schureman, unveil his memorial tree and plaque, and announce the upcoming Norm Schureman Sketch Garden.

There will be barbecue, drinks and lots of memories shared with Schureman’s family, friends, colleagues and students.

RSVP to Also, don’t forget the design charette to design the sketch garden on Saturday, March 26.

Celebrating the Life of Norm Schureman
Monday, March 21, 4-7:30 p.m.
Art Center Hillside Campus
Grassy area near the guest parking lot

Sketch Garden to Honor Norm Schureman

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

To celebrate the life and honor the legacy of late Product Design alumnus and faculty member Norm Schureman, the College will create the Norm Schureman Sketch Garden at Hillside Campus. This will be a space for sketching, contemplation, gardening and enjoying nature.

© Steven A. Heller/Art Center College of Design

Schureman inspired countless students through his passionate teaching and love of drawing. He often invited students into his own home garden to continue the class critiques.

We’re inviting current students and recent graduates to join us on Saturday, March 26, to help us design the new sketch garden. Teams of two or three will compete to design the garden. All majors are welcome, and multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged. Bring sketching, drawing and model-making hand tools—but no computers are allowed!

Every team will be given a presentation board on which to mount their entire presentation. Winning entrants will be selected to become part of the design team that will see project through design development, construction and fabrication phase.

A detailed agenda and rules will be provided at the beginning of the charrette. The event starts promptly at 8:30 a.m.—no late entries permitted—and RSVPs are required as this is a closed event. RSVP to

We’re also happy to report that the Norman Schureman Memorial Scholarship has raised more than $80,000 to date. Help us reach our goal of $100,000! Individuals interested in making donations to the scholarship can donate online or contact Senior Development Officer Palencia Turner at 626.396.2366.

Design Charrette: Norm Schureman Sketch Garden
March 26, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m.
Hillside Campus, Room 202

Running to Celebrate Life

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

We checked in with Product Design alumna and faculty member Wendee Lee to see how the Rose Bowl 5K went earlier this month.

Lee ran the race to celebrate and honor the memory of fellow alumnus and faculty member Norm Schureman.

“The race was fantastic,” Lee says. “It was sunny and warm—perfect running weather. I had planned out my race tempo and while it was my slowest 5K, it was definitely the strongest and most enjoyable one I’ve run. I finished right at my target finish time, feeling no pain.”

Lee asked supporters to donate to Schureman’s Memorial Scholarship fund as a way to both celebrate his life, and help ensure that his legacy continues. It’s not too late to donate to the scholarship.

“The Norm Schureman Memorial scholarship is particularly important to me as a Product Design alum and faculty member,” Lee explains. “I had Norm as an instructor, and was lucky enough to have him as a colleague as well. It means so much to know this scholarship will help future Product Design students.”

Donate to the Norm Schureman Memorial Scholarship online today.

Or, mail your donation.

Wendee Lee: Celebrating Life Through Sunday’s 5K

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

When Product Design alumna and faculty member Wendee Lee decided to get back into running last fall, and began training for the Rose Bowl 5K, she found that it wasn’t as easy as it used to be.


“It’s not like I’ve been a jock or very athletic for all my life,” Lee explains, “and it’s been hard this time around. Training has been a test not only of my legs and lungs, but of my will as well.”

Yet she found a deep and unwavering inspiration from an unexpected source: Lee is running to celebrate and honor the memory of fellow alumnus and faculty member Norm Schureman.

“I found a great deal of strength from the idea of running to honor Norm’s legacy and to help spread word about his memorial scholarship,” she said. Because of this, she wanted to run a race specifically in Pasadena, and the Rose Bowl 5K fit the bill and time frame.

Lee’s asking supporters to donate to Schureman’s Memorial Scholarship fund as a way to both celebrate his life, and help ensure that his legacy continues.

She’s seen first-hand the power of scholarships to change lives. As a faculty member, she’s seen students struggle to find the financial means to continue their education, and when Lee was a student herself at Art Center she had to take a leave for a year for financial reasons.

“The Norm Schureman Memorial scholarship is particularly important to me as a Product Design alum and faculty member,” Lee explains. “I had Norm as an instructor, and was lucky enough to have him as a colleague as well. It means so much to know this scholarship will help future Product Design students.”

Lee supported by many across the College. “The Product Design Department is extremely proud of Wendee, and grateful for her commitment to raising scholarship for the Norm Schureman Memorial Scholarship,” says Karen Hofmann.  “We wish her the very best on her run this weekend, and ask that our Art Center community helps support Wendee through contributing to the scholarship fund.”

The Rose Bowl 5K is this Sunday, Feb. 6. Here’s how you can support Lee: Visit Art Center’s donation page, scroll to “Area of Support / Degree Program Scholarships,” and select the Norman Schureman Memorial Scholarship. All donations will help. At the very bottom, under “Confirmation,” add words of encouragement in the “Additional Comments’” section for Lee (such as, “In support of runner Wendee Lee!”), so that she can acknowledge your support of both her run and of the scholarship.

Besides raising money for the scholarship, what are Lee’s personal goals for Saturday’s race?

“I just want to finish strong and enjoy the race and being at and in the Rose Bowl,” she says. “I’ve already regained my joy of running—so really, the rest is all gravy.”

Donate to the Norm Schureman Memorial Scholarship online today.

Or, mail your donation.

Schureman Book Profiled

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

As you know, Product Design alum and faculty member Frido Beisert has created a beautiful book, To Draw Is to See, of the work of the late Norm Schureman. It’s currently available for purchase online at Blurb, and it’s beautifully done. Beisert has explained that by using the online publisher Blurb (rather than involving a printing company), all proceeds go to Schureman’s two sons.

And even better—Blurb named To Draw Is to See book of the week last week!

From the Blurb blog: “Every once in a while, a book comes along that reminds us how very powerful the act of honoring one’s story by making a book can be. To Draw Is to See is such a book.”

They interview Beisert on Schureman, creativity and how to tell your own story.

Beisert on Norm: “Norm was all about being creative and helping others, and we very much hope that this book will help inspire the artists and designers of the future to start creating. I often tell my students that the difference between a creative and a non-creative person is that the creative one creates. It is that simple. By doing we expose ourselves to learning and by learning we improve automatically.”

It’s a great interview—take a look. Read more: Book of the Week: To Draw Is to See

To Draw Is to See: Norm Schureman’s Sketches

Monday, December 13th, 2010

To Draw is to See: The Sketchbook of Norman J. Schureman is now available for purchase at Edited by faculty member and alumnus Fridolin Beisert, the sketchbook features more than 100 of Schureman’s master drawings.

This stunning collection showcases his talents as a designer and teacher. From birds to dinosaurs and from tanks to insects, every page is an inspiring example of his legacy.

All proceeds of this book go to his two sons, Milo and Kian. Preview the book online.

Schureman Posthumously Awarded Honorary Degree

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Beloved Art Center alumnus and faculty member Norman Schureman will be posthumously awarded an honorary degree at Saturday’s Graduation ceremony.

Schureman earned his degree in Industrial Design from Art Center in 1985, going on to teach at the College for more than 20 years until his tragic death in March. He was a beloved instructor, colleague, mentor and friend to hundreds of Art Center students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

“The presentation of an honorary doctorate is a fitting tribute to Norm for his immeasurable contributions to the College,” said College President Lorne Buchman. Giving the address in Schureman’s honor will be alumnus Joshua Nakaya PROD ’09 and C. Martin Smith, industrial design chair and professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and former Chair of product design at Art Center.

Schureman’s relationship with Art Center began almost 40 years ago when his father, Bob, taught Industrial Design classes and a young Norm would tag along to campus. Years later, Norm returned to Art Center as a student, graduating in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in Product Design. Schureman began teaching at Art Center in 1992, first at the College’s European campus and then in Pasadena.

Following his death, the College established the Norman Schureman Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be available to incoming Product Design students.

Karen Hofmann, Chair of Product Design at Art Center College of Design, said, “Norm was a friend and mentor and a source of inspiration both inside and outside of the classroom. He made students feel that they could change the world and this scholarship is a way to ensure his legacy continues.”

Individuals interested in making donations to the Scholarship can donate online or contact Senior Development Officer Palencia Turner at 626.396.2366.

Support the Schureman Kids: Get Your Decal Today

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

There is a new way to support the Norm Schureman kids’ college fund—car decals featuring a sketch by Norm. Pick yours up today for a $5 minimum donation. You can find them in the Department Chairs Office, Model Shop, or arrange to pick one up by emailing Mariana Prieto at